Driving HOKKAIDO is very fun !
But especially in Summer, be careful to police speed-check.
Please take a look to the informations below and drive safety.

Car Navigation System
If you are coming to our place by driving a rent-car, we suggest to not put our telephone number to the car navigation system. We are not sure for newest car-navi, but ‚“ometimes happens that the old car-navi can't show the right direction and they can take you to the wrong place. We suggest to use alsoour map when you get close.
We suggest to ask the rent-car staff to put the name of JR BIBAUSHI station. BIBAUSHI station is about 3km from our lodge. From the station you can come easily by using our map. Our map is in this web-page.
Our sign-board is not so big, so when outside get dark, it become very difficult to see from the car. Please arrive before 6pm.
If outside is already dark, please pay attention to find our sign-board.
Lost Way
If you got lost, don't go to the near farmer's house. In busy Summer, they sleep very early. Please try to reach JR BIBAUSHI station and call us. If you have a cellular-phone, please call us from some mark-point (big drive-inn, supermarket, station, etc).
Driving in late evening
From September, it starts to get dark after 5:30pm. After the dark has come, it is very difficult to find our small sign-board. And nearest public-phone around our lodge is available only in-front of a small shop(BIBA-STORE) of BIBAUSHI-station. We suggest to arrive at our lodge before 5:30pm.
Time & Distance to Mr.GNU
From Central ASAHIKAWA 35km 1hour
From Furano 30km 40min
From Sapporo 159km 3hour
From Chitose 190km 4hour
From Noboribetsu 253km 4-5hour
From Hakodate 416km 6-7hour
From Kushiro 278km 5hour
¦ Using the express way (high-way road)
¦ Distance is not 100% exact.
¦ Time will change from your driving-speed and route.

Fax and phone call is accepted
from AM8:00 to PM11:00 (Japan time)




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