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Look, Feel, Experience!! Introducing the scenic sites of Nakashibetsu

北海道遺産指定 格子状防風保安林
[Hokkaido Heritage Windbreak Forest]

Kaiyo-Dai (you can see Kunashir Island of Northern Territories faraway )

271meter high (about 900feet) Splendid view of nature, can see the horizon line.

Popular among riders.


Yoroshi-Onsen (Hot-Springs)

About 30 minutes by car from downtown Nakashibetsu Hot Springs in enchanted land, we value the relations with guests.


Kutekun falls

Walking along the river side, and in the river for an hour you will see a waterfall with the vertical drop of 25meters (about 80 feet), and there are 10 more upstream.


Ura-Masyu Sightseeing course

42 kilometers from downtown Nakashibetsu Lake Masyu, mysterious lake known for its degree of transparency worldwide can be seen throughout summer and autumn.