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Yuyado Daiichi




Guidance of the accommodation Feature

Our natural hot spring is full of nature, you can enjoy wild birds and animals water flowing directly from the hot spring source.

※Day use bathing Hours

Because of the large cleaning is every Thursday day use hours are 14:00~15:00, 19:00~21:00

Hot water is ordered and flow went 100% withholding.

Spring quality-Sodium-calcium chloride sulfate spring

Efficacy-Such as neuralgia, women's diseases

Open-air bath entering while listening to the voices of birds and babbling of the river. Make some noise in a relaxed the travel fatigue, feeling the breath of nature.
Contact (Reservation)
Hokkaido Shibetsu-gun Nakashibetsu-cho Yoroshi Onsen

*English spoken
room type rooms meal guests
japanese-style room(2~5) 16 Breakfast and dinner 85
western-style room(2~3) 5 11
Japanese-western style room(2~5) 6 29
New annex western-style room(2~3) 11 24
Total 38 - 149
fee 14,190yen~34,710yen I depends on the season