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Nakashibetsu Hoyoujo Onsen Ryokan



Natureful and relaxing Japanese style inn


Guidance of the accommodation

Beautiful garden, large public bath, wild birds and animals can be seen there maybe a chance to see swan, Japanese red-crowned crane in the winter day trip guests are welcome (please relax in the large hall) How about a cold beer after bath?

Hot spring quality and efficacy Guidance of bedrock bath


The efficacy, has the effect of arthritis, musculoskeletal disorders, gynecological diseases, in neuralgia. In addition, as the drinking, it is effective chronic digestive disorders, chronic constipation.


Health bedrock bath of 100% Elvan! Efficacy ... Anti-aging of improvement and rough skin, skin disease, atopic dermatitis, skin improvement and menopause-energetic decline of improvement and poor circulation stiff shoulders and muscular pain of mitigation and insomnia, dysautonomia, such as low back pain, frozen shoulder, neuralgia -such as enhancement of improvement and stress reduction, fatigue recovery and immunity of diet and beauty effect, diabetes, cerebral infarction sequela

Contact (Reservation)
Hokkaido Shibetsu-gun Nakashibetsu-cho Higashi 20 jo Kita 8 cho-me
room type rooms guests
japanese-style room 21 50
prices (tax included)
fee 7,200yen~(Breakfast and dinner) 1person
*If you use, please contact us at least two people